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Copyright in a Global Information Economy -- Fourth Edition

by Julie E. Cohen, Lydia Pallas Loren, Ruth G. Okediji, Maureen A. O'Rourke

List Price: $221.00
Published 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4548-5201-8
Format: Hardcover

Copyright in a Global Information Economy explores the full range of copyright law and its relationship to technological innovations and globalization. Written with precision and clarity, this ambitious yet manageable casebook elucidates the fundamental disputes of copyright law with incisive and balanced perspective. The book features comprehensive coverage of domestic and international copyright law, a balanced treatment of controversial issues, as well as a wide selection of concisely edited cases, engaging and practical examples and discussions, and photographs that facilitate and stimulate discussion of cases.

Key Features of the New Edition

  • Reorganization of materials on the copyright owner’s exclusive rights
  • New section on copyright due diligence, licensing, and litigation
  • Updated, streamlined notes and questions
  • Practice exercises designed to engage students from a variety of perspectives including advocacy, client counseling, and legislative Drafting

New cases:

  • Oracle v. Google on the copyrightability of software APIs
  • Capitol Records v. ReDigi on the first sale doctrine
  • Viacom v. YouTube and Columbia v. Fung on OSP safe harbors
  • ABC v. Aereo on the public performance right
  • Cariou v. Prince, Authors Guild v. Google, and Authors Guild v. HathiTrust on fair use
  • MGM v. Petrella on laches and the statute of limitations
  • Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset on the constitutionality of statutory damages
  • Murphy v. Millennium Radio Group on section 1202 claims

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