Table of Contents

Cases are arranged by the chapter they appear in the book. Supplemental material and deleted cases appear in whichever chapter they are associated with.

Part I -- Introduction to Copyright Law
Copyright in Context
Part II -- The Subject Matter of Copyright
Requirements for Copyright Protection
Form Versus Function: Useful Articles, Architectural Works, and Software
Part III -- The Statutory Rights of Copyright Owners
The Reproduction Right and the Right to Prepare Derivative Works
The Rights of Distribution, Public Performance, and Public Display
Copyright in Musical Works and Sound Recordings
Moral Rights and Performers' Rights
Part IV -- Indirect Infringement and Lawful Use
Fair Use
The Different Faces of Infringement
Part V -- Practical Considerations in Licensing and Enforcing Copyrights
Copyright Due Diligence
Copyright and Contract
Copyright Litigation
Part VI -- New Enforcement Strategies and Public Policy Limits
Technological Protections
State Law Theories of Protection and Their Limits