A. A. Hoehling v. Universal City Studios, Inc.

618 F.2d 972 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, 449 U.S. 841 (1980)

The cover of Hoehling's book.

The Hindenburg disaster is one of the most famous aircraft disasters of all time. Immortalized on photographs, radio and video, this was the first such disaster covered live by an on-the-scene reporter:

It was an ignominious end for the largest aircraft ever to fly. However, conspiracy theories over the cause of the explosion has kept interest alive in the disaster to this day. Initial speculation was centered on sabotage, mainly because the Hindenburg was seen as a symbol of Nazi power. Even the FBI investigated the accident. Sabotage was the theory espoused by Hoehling's book, Michael Mooney's novel and its movie adaptation,The Hindenburg.

However, modern theorists generally agree that the explosion was created by a build-up of static electricity caused by the weather. Numerous witnesses claimed to have seen the top of the airship glow right before the disaster, which is consistent with the electrical phenomenon known as St. Elmo's Fire. More recently, scientists have speculated that it was the metallic skin of the Hindenburg that first caught fire, not the hydrogen.

Regardless, the Zeppelin flies again! Now filled with inert helium gas, these airships make regular trips around the Bodensee, a lake that borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Get your tickets today.