Legal Resources

U.S. Copyright Law and Legislative History

Organizations and Groups

ASCAP -American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Berkman Center
- Harvard Law's research program to study the law, the internet and society
BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.
Center for Democracy & Technology's page on digital copyright
Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property - George Mason Law School's center promoting strong IP rights
The Center for Internet and Society - Stanford Law School's research program
Center for the Study of the Public Domain - located at Duke Law School
Chilling Effects - An archive of takedown requests chronicling attempts to use IP laws to stifle free expression
CCLI -Christian Copyright Licensing International
CVLI - Christian Video Licensing International
Copyright Clearance Center
Creative Commons
- a group trying to create an alternative to traditional copyright laws
Electronic Frontier Foundation - a legal advocacy group fighting to "defend civil liberties in the digital world"
Electronic Privacy Information Center - concerned with technology and privacy rights
Foundation for Internet Policy Research - studies the interaction of technology and society in the UK and Europe
Free Expression Policy Project - focused on censorship and copyright issues, housed at NYU Law
Free Culture Foundation - an international group dedicated to creating and sharing "open content"
IP Justice - an international civil rights organization that promotes "balanced IP law in a digital world"
MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America
NMPA - Represents U.S. Music Producers
Public Knowledge - an advocacy group "promoting creativity through balanced copyright"
RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America
SESAC, Inc. - represent songwriters and publishers
SIIA - Software & Information Industry Association
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization


Copyright and the Arts

Music Copyright Infringement Resource - a repository of information relating to music copyright cases, including samples of infringing works
Detritus - about making new creative works from old ones
Passing into the Public Domain - a chart that shows when works fall into the public domain